yadis SAFETY and health

At Yadis, we believe that sustainable success can be reached only through people. No other asset in the company is as important as the people that contribute with their work to our culture and our business results. Therefore, we devote all the necessary energy and attention to protect employees, customers and any other people involved with the company along the value chain, including suppliers and the public. We integrate Safety and Health in the management of our business in such a way that all activities are considered with a perspective of prevention of all types of accidents and protection of the people at work. We commit to perform systematic identification of hazards and to manage them with appropriate risk assessments and subsequent actions to minimise danger.

We invest in educating, training and equipping employees to ensure that they are empowered to avoid unsafe situations and to respond rapidly to unexpected events. We encourage employees to apply their safety and health learnings in their private life, at home and during leisure. We also take pleasure in producing products that are are in line with government statutes and are environmentally friendly.



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